John Lubanski is from the Class of 1949. He played five varsity sports during his high school career in soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and track. From 1945-1947, John was a leading member of our soccer team. In 1947, Mount Morris made a decision to drop soccer to have a football team instead. This man joined that football team and ended up being the team’s top player. In basketball, he was a three-year starter at forward on varsity and one of the top players around. During the spring, John was one of the league’s leading power hitters in baseball and was called a “homerun slugger” in the newspaper. As only a sophomore, he batted third in the order and helped lead Mount Morris to three consecutive Livingston County titles. In track, there was no formal team, but this man competed at the county meet and took home a title in the 100 yard dash. John went on to represent Livingston County in sectionals. At graduation, he was the second recipient in school history of an award given to the person who was the most outstanding athlete over their four-year high school career. After high school, John went on to SUNY Geneseo where he was a two-sport athlete in soccer and baseball during his time there. His love of baseball led him to continue a career as he spent 25 years as an umpire at many levels, including college and semi-pro.