Health Services


A child's ability to learn is influenced by his health status. School nurses, with their specialized training and skills impact heavily on the total health and educational development of the school age child. School nursing personnel (Registered Professional Nurses) address the health-related needs of the student by providing health assessment and intervention, health education and counseling. As a result of these services, the quality of education as well as the quality of life for the student is enhanced.

The Mount Morris Central School District health services program is designed to promote this philosophy as well as to contribute to the goals of the total education program.


  • To help pupils achieve and maintain optimum health for maximum benefit from educational opportunities
  • To identify health problems of children and youth and develop procedures to resolve them effectively
  • To assist pupils in developing self-reliance and competency in matters pertaining to personal and community health
  • To maintain a continuous evaluation of each child's health status
  • To add in maintaining a healthful school environment which is conducive to the realization of educational objectives
To contact the school nurse please call 585-658-5000