Welcome to the Websites for Families Webpage. You will find a variety of information relating to parenting. Click on the link(s) below for more information.

  • eMATHInstruction
    eMATHInstruction was founded on the simple premise that 21st-century technology can and will change the entire landscape of mathematics education. The eTextbooks, answer keys, workbooks, and videos will help both students and teachers navigate the changing curricula of the modern era.
  • Embarc.Online
    EMBARC is designed to build a collaborative community of Eureka Math users and to provide a common website to support all users of the Eureka Math curriculum. 
  • Khan Academy
    This website offers assistance in a variety of subjects including math, science, engineering, computing, arts and humanities, and economics and finance. 
  • Carnegie Learning
    Find out more about how Carnegie Learning is raising students' math knowledge through classroom activities, software, and teacher professional development.
  • Netsmartz
    NetSmartz is parents' and guardians' premier, an online resource for answering questions about Internet safety, computers, and the Web.
  • Plugged In Online
    This website offers fresh movie reviews and pop culture insights. The views expressed on this website are not to be misconstrued as MMCS views. This website is to be used as an online reference.
  • Mothers of Preschoolers
    Where moms connect. This website offers insight and information regarding effective parenting. Although the views presented on this website are valuable, they are not the express views of MMCS.
  • PBS Parents: Raising Kinds Who Thrive
    Grade Range: PreK, K-3, 3-5 Welcome to the secret world of girls. This new guide tells everything you want to know about girls' brains, bodies, friendships and more. It also offers strategies on how to help them grow up to be powerful, self-confident and self-aware. You go, girl!
  • National PTA Website
    Parents play an essential role in learning. Assisting with homework and test preparation is one of the most important responsibilities parents have in their children's education. This site serves as a clearinghouse of ideas for how you can provide homework help and test prep assistance to your child to help ensure their success as a student.
  • National PTA's Parents' Guide to Success Overview
  • American Reading Company
    Find out more about how our students are becoming independent readers at school and at home.
  • Public Broadcasting Station (PBS)
    PBS offers a wonderful website for families with timely topics such as Child Development, Children and Media, Creativity, Early Math, Going to School, Raising Boys, Reading and Language, Talking with Kids, and Birthday Parties. Feel free to browse their site for helpful information. Enjoy!
  • EngageNY
    This is the official site for current materials and resources related to the New York State Board of Regents Reform Agenda.
  • National Association of School Psychologists 
    The range and depth of emotions each of us feel when we learn of horrific and tragic events, can be overwhelming. As parents, it can be difficult to know what to say to your child(ren) during national tragedies. Above is a link with recommendations from the National Association of School Psychologists regarding talking to children about violence.