Information for High School Seniors

PostHigh School Planning: College Applications

  • Any student who needs to take the SAT I or the ACT test for college admission should register for the October, November or December administration now. Registration packets are available in the counseling center.
  • Seniors are encouraged to attend the visits of college representatives to our school. Some colleges host open house programs and most are happy to arrange personal visits. Do this now. Packets are available in the Guidance Office.
  • Some colleges and universities require students to take the SAT II (achievement tests). Register now.
  • Applying to college:
    1. Obtain application information and instructions from the institution(s) of your choice.
    2. Complete the application accurately and neatly.
    3. Obtain a check or money order (no cash) in the amount of the application fee (if required).
    4. Attach check or money order to the application.
    5. Bring completed application to the Guidance Office with two postage stamps.
    6. Complete a high school transcript release form (requires both student and parent signature) before application can be sent. This form need only be completed once in the senior year.

Letters of Recommendation

  • It is always best to use the recommendation of a person who knows you very well. Most, if not all letters should come from teachers, coaches, or advisors.
  • Your administrator can write a recommendation for you; however, most students spend very little time with their administrator so a form has been developed to provide the administrator with your personal information. Students can fill out a form at the Guidance Office.

Deadlines for College Applications

  • Students applying for early decision MUST deliver their applications to the Guidance Office no less than three (3) weeks prior to the deadline.
  • Students must turn in any applications at least three (3) weeks prior to the date they wish to have the application sent.

Financial Aid

  • Students (and parents) are encouraged to attend a financial aid workshop. MountMorris will host one this school year on a date to be announced.
  • There are informative pamphlets on financial aid in the Guidance Office.
  • FAFSA forms will not become available until sometime after January 1st.

College Sports – N.C.A.A. Prop. 48

  • Any student wishing to participate in intercollegiate athletics at a Division I, I-AA or Division II School must complete the eligibility application and send it to the N.C.A.A. clearinghouse. Forms are available in the Guidance Office.

Credit Checks

  • Any senior who may have failed a course last year or any year should make an appointment to see their counselor immediately to determine if graduation might be in jeopardy.