Teacher Access & Authorization (TAA)

  • Electronic Personnel Master File (ePMF) - Late Fall
    Log into Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) to enter and verify certified staff data, such as sections taught, years of experience, level of education, and current salary.

  • Teacher Student Roster Verification (TSRV) - Late Spring
    Log into the Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) to check your rosters, student start dates, and end dates (a.k.a. linkage durations) for all your classes.

LINK TO SIGN-OFF YOUR ROSTERS: Available this Spring!

  • Contact the District's Data Coordinator with ANY questions or concerns.

  • First Time Teachers: You will need your PIN letter to CREATE an account. Please contact your Data Coordinator if have not yet received it. To set up your account go to the TAA Login. Be sure to use the blue 'button' at the bottom: "I need to create an account." 

  • Please watch the TSRV Video Walkthrough for information on how to view your TSRV report.

The TSRV data comes DIRECTLY from the PowerSchool schedule and your daily attendance. If you have any questions about your roster data, please describe the issue on your survey or send an email to the Data Coordinator. They will attempt to correct any issues as soon as possible.