Students Enjoy Mountain Biking

Among the 30+ extracurricular student activities offered at MMCSD, we are excited to tell you about our newly added Mountain Biking (MTB) Club! With over 15 years’ experience racing mountain bikes, leading clubs & teams, coordinating events and working at a bike shop, English teacher and coach, Anthony Sylor not only proposed the concept of this club, he is also the advisor for it. At the start of this school year, we were able to purchase six mountain bikes. The club rides 2 to 3 days a week outside of regular school hours and interested JH/SH students can sign up in Mr. Sylor’s class room. We have sign-ups for each ride so that students can rotate taking turns because the club has proven to be very popular. “Some of the benefits for participants is improved mental and physical health. Riding 7.5 - 10 miles at a time is great exercise and builds confidence. Students also get to see nature in our community in a way they can’t otherwise. The bikes and helmets we purchased are of exceptional quality and all the students really enjoy the experience,” said Mr. Sylor. Within just one mile of the school, we have access to 70 miles of the Greenway trail and 25 miles of the Finger Lakes trail. This 25-mile section of the Finger Lakes trail is the only section of roughly 500 miles that mountain biking is allowed on and our high-quality mountain bikes are great for riding the difficult single-track terrain that this trail offers. The club also uses Al Lorenz Park, typically on a weekend where Mr. Sylor will set up a skills course. The mountain bikes have also been used to help cross train with some of our varsity teams such as our Varsity XC Team. We hope to grow the club over time and include more students.