Updated Front Door Procedures

In order to provide the safest learning environment for our school community, all school doors will be locked during regular school hours. Please review the following procedures:

Visitor Guidelines:

·         Use the Main Entrance door in the front

·         Press the intercom button to the right of the doors

·         Listen  for a response through the intercom

·         State your name, child’s name, and purpose for the visit

·         Wait for a response and the door lock to be released

·         Enter and report to the K-12 Main Office, where you will be asked to present a driver's license

.     The driver's license will then be scanned and checked against the national database of registered sex offenders

.     A visitor's badge will be generated with your photo and destination 

.     Before leaving the building, you must sign out by returning your badge to the Main Office

Your cooperation and assistance are appreciated. Your feedback is always welcomed. Questions? Please call our K-12 Main Office at 585-658-3331.