This year we have a record of nine Odyssey of the Mind Teams! Since our program was resurrected in 2016 we have had teams advance to both the State and World Finals! Below are our teams and a description of their problems: 

Primary: Grades K-2 (Tri-Cycle Transport Problem) Teams will build a vehicle that will travel forward, backward, and turn to a side while they perform a skit that includes a funny narrator, a mechanic character, a salesperson, and a song. Team A: Annabelle Gilbert, Dallas Tidd, Gideon Kelley, Rachael Kelley, Abigail Kelley, Anthony DelValle, Alexis Melendez Garcia Team B: Zoe Morales Milian, Darianne Morales Milian, Lena Zingaro, Charlie Bump, Anthony Hamilton, Ashley Nova.

Classics Problem: (The Musical Production) Teams will create a biographical musical about a historic figure that includes three songs.  The performance will also include a lighting special effect, movement of scenery, and a marquee for the team’s musical.  Grades 3-5 Team: Lillian Mallaber, A’Naijha De Jesus, Aubree Lippens, Neshkiel Torres Ramirez, Bryson Torres.

Technical Problem: (Odyssey ReOMvention) Teams will present a performance that identifies self-replicating environmental threat.  The team will need to eliminate the threat in a performance that will include original music, animal characters.  Grades 3-5 Team: Avery Privitera, Owen Clester, Karsin Bonfield, Ellissa Mallaber, Logan Forbes, Brayden Painter Grades 6-8 Team: Eli Clester, Shawn Brown, Yasael Malave Perez, Bella Oddo, Willow Palermo, Wyatt Willett, Addyson Barnhardt.

Performance Problem: (Life is a Circus!)  Teams will create a performance about a young person who wakes up one day to discover they somehow were transported into a circus world. Their performance will include original animals, a clown, circus acts, and a ringmaster.  Grades 3-5 Team: Peyton Tidd, Sydney O’Grady, Victoria Ramirez, Jonah Clester, Jhoskar Santaella Casillas, Evan Privitera Grades 6-8 Team: Jordan Garcia, Warren Palermo, Ethan VanAernam, Shayla White, Kaylee Hadfield, Stormy Browne, Oscarielys Santaella.

Balsa Problem: (Matryoshka Structure) Teams will design and build a Matryoshka (nesting dolls) structure made of only balsa wood and glue that holds as much weight as possible.  The performance will have a theme about storage that includes placing weights, the structures, and a nesting doll character. 

Grades 3-5 Team: Trinity Tidd, Evan Tellier, Brooklyn Gledhill, Owen Guillod, Arianna Chase, Henry Tellier, Peyton Smith.

Vehicle Problem: (Escape vroOM) This team will create a vehicle that will help a group of characters escape an unusual room by completing tasks that reveal clues.  When the vehicle performs the final task, it will reveal a clue that allows the group to escape the room. 

Grades 3-5 Team: Scott Lonsberry, Cameron Zingaro, David Kelley, Eliana Oddo, Chase Woodworth, Madelyn O’Dell.

We are excited to be hosting all of region 15 here at MMCSD!

Odyssey of the Mind has been a leader in education for 40 years. It emphasizes creativity, science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. The program began in Founder Dr. Sam’s innovative industrial design classes at Rowan University in the 1970’s. Dr. Sam believed learning should be fun, students should incorporate their own interests, there are always new uses for old items and the way you ask a question is everything.